Hello, and welcome to our THIRD Telesummit, “On the Right ADHD Trail”. This year we have many highly educated experts in the ADHD field who are going to fill your backpacks with some of the tools and tips that men with ADHD are challenged with on a daily basis.

But first, let me introduce myself, I am Cathy Goett, owner of GOETT FOCUSED private coaching service. I’m a retired grade-school teacher and librarian in Oklahoma. For years my family looked for a certified ADHD life Coach in Oklahoma but could not find one. So after not finding a coach, I decided to get my certification as an ADHD Life Coach. You can find out more about my private practice at goettfocused.com. Working with my male clients, I realized there was so much information and many excellent telesummits geared to women but nothing for the men. So here we are, climbing the trail to the ADHD Telesummit!


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Then at 8am Central on Friday, October 15, 2021, an email will land in your inbox with a link to a webpage that will house the multiple audios and free gifts generously offered by the speakers.

The audios are approximately 30 minutes long and you will have the entire long weekend to listen to them -so until midnight Central on Monday, October 18.

You can tune in all at once or space them out throughout the weekend. Grab some coffee and sit down with your partner, family, friend… everyone is welcome to tune in.

But FIRST- you have to sign up!