On The Right ADHD Trail Telesummit

On The Right ADHD Trail Telesummit

Sunday October 14, 2018

Cathy Goett of GOETT FOCUSED is announcing the first ADHD Telesummit just for men!

Six highly educated experts in the field of ADD/ADHD provide their best tips for hiking the ADHD trail.

Free gifts from our presenters to help you navigate the Trail!



Laurie Dupar – SPONSOR                             

Laurie Dupar headshot

Senior Certified ADHD Coach, founder of International ADHD Coach Training Center (IACTCenter), and  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

PRESENTATION: “What Does She Really Want: ADHD Relationship Hacks for the ADHD Man”

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Jeff Copper 

Jeff Copper headshotDig Coaching Practice, founder and host of Attention Talk Radio and Attention Talk Video

PRESENTATION: “Boredom and Its Impact On Those with ADHD”                                 




James Ochoa                                              

James Ochoa headshot

Author of “Focused Forward, Navigating the Storms of Adult ADHD.” Founder and director of the Life Empowerment Center in Austin, TX.

PRESENTATION: “The New Knight in Shining Armor Has Feelings Too!” Understanding How Men Are Affected by the Mental and Emotional Distress of ADHD


Eric Tivers

Eric Tivers headshotLicensed Clinical Social Worker, podcaster, best known as the host of the ADHD reWired podcast with nearly 1.5 million digital downloads.

PRESENTATION: “Planning the Bridge Between Productivity and Self-care”




Rick Green

Founder of groundbreaking website TotallyADD.com. Producer of outstanding documentaries ADD & Loving It, ADD & Mastering It. Known by many for the comedy series, The Red Green Show, and much more.

PRESENTATION: “Five ADHD Friendly Strategies I Use Every Day”



Alan Brown

Alan Brown headshotAn entrepreneur, ADHD/Productivity coach, and founder, creator, and host of CrusherTV.

PRESENTATION: “Simple Brain Hacks”