men with ADHD

Cathy Goett of GOETT FOCUSED is once again holding her ADHD Telesummit designed specifically for men!

She's pulled together the top guides in the field of ADHD and they will provide their best tips for hiking the ADHD trail.


Stop getting lost in your email inbox, overwhelmed by anxiety, and frustrated with missing deadlines.


Let's have a real talk about romantic partnerships, shame, satisfaction, boundaries and binge eating.


Add new tools to your backpack to reduce your ADHD symptoms so you can fall asleep, set goals, reduce headaches and manage health conditions.


Alan P. Brown of ADD Crusher™

Alan P. Brown of ADD Crusher™

How to Get to Email “Inbox Zero” and Stay There
FREE GIFT: Alan’s Formula for Focus Cheat Sheet
Alex Hey

Alex Hey of Reset ADHD

The Formula for Falling Asleep
FREE GIFT: Late to Bed, Late to Rise: 5 Ways to Make Your ADHD WORSE
Dana Rayburn

Dana Rayburn, ADHD Success Coach

Stepping Out of the Shame Shower
FREE GIFT: The Stepping Out of The Shame Shower Workbook
Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CEO of

When Adult ADHD Complicates Other Health Conditions
FREE GIFT: Bringing Your Leadership Home
Evan Kirstein

Evan Kirstein, ADHD Life Coach

From Boundaries and Burdens to Agency and Advocacy
FREE GIFT: 6 Ways to Execute like an Executive
germaine swanson

Germaine Swanson, ADHD & Life Coach

Raising Boys with ADHD in the 80s
FREE GIFT: Special Education Resource Guide for Parents of Children with ADHD
Jeff Copper

Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG

ADHD and Thinking Towards a Goal: Is It an Impairment?
FREE GIFT: The Gift of Hope eBook
Dr. Larry Jones

Dr. Larry Jones, ADHD and Life Coach

Developing and Maintaining Romantic Partnerships: Loving a Man with ADHD
FREE GIFT: Your Path from the Winds of Frustration to Stabilization
Linda Roggli

Linda Roggli of ADDiva

Now What? ADHD Men at Retirement
FREE GIFT: Top Five Things to Keep Your Brain Young
Luz Jaramillo

Luz Jaramillo of Brain Body Coach

How to Stop BINGE Eating for Adults with ADHD
FREE GIFT: How to Eliminate Food Compulsion and Constant Cravings
Michael Postma, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Michael Postma, Ph.D., Ed.D.

The Intersection of ADD and Intelligence: ADD or Just Gifted Characteristics
FREE GIFT: Parents’ Survival Guide for Twice-Exceptionality
Roxanne Turner

Roxanne Turner, BCC of Dixon Life Coaching

Conquer Your Inner Chaos - Rethinking Executive Function
FREE GIFT: Fill Your Tank for ADHD: How to Create Cognitive Fuel to Keep You Going
Sarah Cheyette, MD

Sarah Cheyette, MD

ADHD and Headaches: What's the Connection?
FREE GIFT: How to Move from Unfocused to Focused
Sharon Saline

Sharon Saline, Psy.D.

Confident and Calmer: How to Reduce Anxiety in Men with ADHD
FREE GIFT: You Can't Stop Anxiety: You Can Change Your Relationship to It
Tara Heaton

Tara Heaton

The Six Strategies of Satisfaction
FREE GIFT: Talk to the Brain eBook


Redefining Masculinity for Men with ADHD

Learn about the Men’s ADHD Support Group from Founder and President Marc Almodovar and how making space for vulnerability and community is what helps us grow stronger as men, as well as what we’ve seen from running the largest online community for men with ADHD for the past 4 years.

FREE GIFT: Free access to live Q&A with an ADHD expert!

The 2023 Summit is over! But...

You can still order the ADHD Backpack to receive the audios + transcripts + free gifts from your guides to help you navigate the ADHD Trail!

About Cathy Goett

Cathy is the owner of the private ADHD coaching practice - GOETT FOCUSED. For years, her family looked for a certified ADHD Life Coach but couldn't find one. So Cathy decided to come out of retirement (previously she was a grade-school teacher and librarian) and get her certification as an ADHD Life Coach. Working with her male clients, Cathy realized there was so much information and many excellent telesummits geared to women or parents but nothing specifically for men. So she laced up her hiking boots, researched the trails and mapped out the "On the Right ADHD Trail" summit and is excited to host the 4th installment this June 16-18, 2023.
Cathy Goett


First of all, I want to thank you for this event. 5 years ago, when I was 65, I got my diagnosis of ADHD, the combined type. Since then I’ve been on an endless quest for knowledge, understanding and help.

2023 On the Right ADHD Trail Summit

Great idea to put out events like this with presenters willing to share their time and expertise to anyone with ADHD.

2018 On the Right ADHD Trail Summit

It was absolutely wonderful and covered a wide area of interests and needs.

2018 On the Right ADHD Trail Summit

This summit gave me a deeper appreciation for my husband's strengths and challenges.

2019 On the Right ADHD Trail Summit

Fill your backpack with tools to help you navigate your ADHD challenges!

Order the audios + transcripts + gifts from your ADHD guides!